Paint Colors {Crafty Texas Girls}

My mom is getting ready to paint her home. When I went to see her this week, she had dozens of paint chips spread out on the counter. She is wanting a soft yellow, but you know how that goes. Lighting, furniture, even a person's eyes- all have an influence on the color you see.  Choosing the perfect shade can be difficult. 

Coincidentally, one of my favorite blogs- Nesting Place- just did a post explaining the best ways to choose a color.  She details an elimination process you can use to make paint decisions. So I sent my mom the link immediately, good timing Nester :) To help with the process of color selection, Nesting Place is also hosting a linky party so others can share their favorite paint colors. Even if you are not 'about to paint' - go have a look.... lots of pretty decor!

We actually repainted our home just one year ago. I had a lot of buttery yellows from the previous owner. But when we decided to redecorate, I wanted neutrals. Since we were having the entire house painted, we chose to have it done professionally. I even had a "Color Specialist" come out and help with the color selection. She charged me $100 and was worth every penny.

Here is what we chose.  All paint colors are Sherwin Williams.

"Alabaster"- SW7008 in gloss 

 "Macadamia"- SW 6142 in a flat finish on the walls

 "Softer Tan"- SW 6141 on ceiling

I like have a color on the ceiling, it is a shade lighter than the walls and really makes the crown molding 'pop'.

 "Van Dyke Brown"- SW 7041 in satin finish

 "Inkwell"- SW 6992 in gloss finish

 This was our big 'risk'- painting the bricks and choosing a black mantel. But the reward was sweet, it turned out beautiful.

 "Aristan Tan"- SW 7540 in flat finish on walls

 "Softer Tan"- SW 6141 on ceiling 

Note: I took this photo in the summer light, all other photos were taken in winter light. Changes the color a bit huh?
We have an open floor plan, but I think by painting the dining room a darker color than the living room- it made it seem more 'formal' and like separate space while still maintaining flow with the rest of the house.

 "Studio Taupe"- SW 7549 in flat finish on walls

 "Wool Skein"- SW 6148 flat finish on ceiling
A little darker in the master bedroom makes it feel cozier.

"Moderate White"- SW 6140 in flat finish

I adore this room! See here for the details, how my guest room was turned into my crafty space.

"Softer Tan"- SW 6141 in flat finish on walls

"Moderate White"- SW 6140 in flat finish on ceiling

See more of my house and the paint colors here on my house tour: Crafty Texas Girls House Tour.


  1. Softer tan is a fabulous color choice. My sister-in-law had it in her entire home in her last house - a very clean, classy color.

    Mary Habres
    Encore Home Staging and Redesign
    Certified Home Stager and Paint Color Consultant

  2. that painted fire place is REALLY pretty! xoxo

  3. where did you find your "color specialist"? i google home, color specialist and i get stuff for hair color.

  4. I found my color specialist through my painter- we used a company called "Fresh Coat". They are a national franchise. You might also want to call your local Sherwin Williams or paint store- they can probably recommend someone to you. Also try searching for 'paint color consultant' online. Good luck!

  5. You need to "Google Paint Color Consultants" in your city and they should come up. You can also go to a site called The Decorating and Staging Academy. They have a directory of decorators some of whom are Color With No Regrets Paint Color Specialists like I am. Also contact Kate Walsh of Sensational Color for Your Home via her site.

  6. I love the painted fireplace! I have been searching for ideas for my fireplace. Yours is exactly like mine.
    Could you please leave detailed instructions on your site regarding how you prepared the bricks and mantel to paint.
    Just love your site and your home!


  7. Where did you get your living room curtains? Love them!

  8. Thank you for the kind comments! My curtains are from West Elm. I don't think they are available anymore, but they are called the "Medallion" curtains. They came in either a gold or chocolate brown. I love them!
    :) Samantha

  9. I love the creafty thing so much that’s why I enjoyed reading this and especially the fireplace is looking quite nicest.
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  10. Love your colors! What color white did you use on the crown molding? And do you have regular or taller ceilings for the softer tan on the ceiling?

  11. Thanks "Chardonnay Baby"!

    The molding is "Alabaster White" by Sherwin Williams. The ceilings with the 'Softer Tan' are 10 feet.

    :) Samantha

  12. You inspired me to paint my fireplace! Did the inkwell look more like a dark navy while applying on the brick?

  13. @chardonnaybaby- that is so exciting! My mantle is the inkwell, my fireplace is vandyke brown. And yes- the inkwell has blue undertones. In certain lighting I can see it more. I would love to see how yours turns out!

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