Valentine's Envelope

Looking for a place to "mail" love notes to your little ones?

How about an easy, no-sew Valentine's Envelope?

Here's what you need:
-hot glue
-scissors, (pinking shears optional)
-felt (pink, white, red- 4 for a $1 at Hobby Lobby)
-hard felt- very stiff, sold in a larger sheet
-velcro square

Take your hard felt and fold into thirds, like an 'envelope' shape.

Cut the top flap into an triangular point.

 Hot glue the sides closed.

Hot glue a velcro square to the flap and the envelope. 

I used pinking shears to cut the white trim. Then I used some red/white striped ribbon for the handle. Rick-rack, buttons, or hand-stitched accents would be super cute too.

Think I am going to hang it on the banister- and hide a few love notes in it for my girls!

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