How a Texas girl makes Felt Flower Pins

I have seen these all over the 'blog world' and I finally decided to make some. I thought they would make sweet Valentine's gifts for teachers or just for us to wear ourselves. A pop of color to brighten up these dreary winter days.

Found here.
So easy, here are the supplies needed:
-hot glue gun
- red felt
-bling (optional)

I made mine the no-sew way. So find a circle (I used the top of a spool of tulle) and trace it on the felt six times.
 Cut out the circles.

Now just pinch and glue! One circle is used a base, the other five circle make the 'petals'.

Then I added a brooch clip (you can find them in the 'jewelery making' aisle at craft stores).

 And of course, I decided to make a bigger one. So I made six more felt circles, this time using a larger pattern.

We also made one in hot pink (Afton's idea!). And then I decided they needed a little bling too.

And there you have it, a felt flower pin done "Crafty Texas Girls" style.

 I might give it another try when I get the chance- I think I could go bigger!


  1. Wow. You make it look so easy and yeah...go bigger (I mean you are from Texas). :)

  2. These are so fun! I want to try one, I think I could handle this. ;-) Thanks for sharing how you did it!


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