Look Ma! I made a wreath!

Now that my sweet girl is no longer taking afternoon naps (because she is a big girl!)- she is my helper when it comes to crafts. She was so excited when I got this "dress form". My girl likes to put her dress-up gowns on the form and then adorn it with scraps of ribbon and fabric. (Maybe she'll end up on Project Runway some day!)

So when I asked her to help me make our Valentine's wreath, she was more than willing to help. Here is what we set out to make:
Found here.
Supplies needed:
- a bunch of clothespins ($2.50 for one package at Hobby Lobby- in the wood crafts section)
- a wire hanger (free)
- a little chalkboard ($2.79 at Hobby Lobby- also in the wood crafts section)
- a bit of jute twine (found at Hobby Lobby- this is starting to sound like a Hobby Lobby ad!)

Now I am a Texas girl, so when I make a craft, I always want it to be big. Instead of using one wire hanger- I decided to use two. Bigger is better right?

So I twisted two hangers together and Afton clipped the clothes pins all around it. Trouble was, when I picked it up and added the little chalkboard, it collapsed on itself. Too many clips, too much weight, too much- too much! So we pulled all the clips off and started again.

This time we used on only hanger. It was easier, faster and more sturdy.

Then Afton wrote "LOVE" on the tiny chalkboard. I just love how she writes- nothing sweeter than a child's handwriting.

Finally we used a little jute twine to attach the chalkboard to the hanger. I used them same twine at the top of the wreath. And Ta-daa!

 "Look Ma! I made a wreath!"

 We make a pretty good team: )


  1. I think Soph would love doing that. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the wreath..so cute!! I love that it is simple enough my son can help....Thanks for the idea!!

  3. What a cute idea! I can see your little treasure enjoys making treasures.

    ~ Yaya

  4. I failed on this I cant seem to get the clothes pins to stay proper I thought it look simple enough I could do it. Now i guess it all wasnt a waste I got new clothes pins now. The clothes pins just spin around. do i need glue please help

  5. Hi Dawn! Not a fail, just clip the clothespins on a bit differently. You know how on the clothespin there is a hole- don't put the hanger in that part or it will just spin around. Instead, put the hanger in the clothespin at the front, where the two wooden parts meet together. The part that pinches! You need the clothespin to bite the hanger- so to speak. Let me know if that makes sense:) Samantha


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