I love a really good picture.

 And my friend Erin- from Splendor Photography- knows just how to do that.

I especially love when she buys from Crafty Texas Girls! The pictures she captures are amazing.

Erin has a way of capturing a feeling. She makes her subjects feel at ease and then she simply works her magic.

 Erin was kind of enough to share some of her secrets with us.

- "Top 3 Tips for Photographing Kiddos" from Erin of Splendor Photography-

1. Let the kids have fun and be themselves, this is when they are really able to express their true self. A lot of times we as parents want that "perfect" shot so we give them to many instructions like,"Suzy, look over here, smile Suzy, put that down and look at me." It can be a bit overwhelming to hear all of these instructions. It's like overload and they don't know what to do first. So let them run around or have them show you what they are interested in and let them talk about it and you will for sure get some genuine smiles and probably some great candid moments.

2. Keep it relaxed, and remember sometimes the best pictures are not the ones where your kids are looking straight into the camera. Being "in the moment" is just as important of a shot than the big smiles and grins for the camera. 

3. Get down on their level. Eye to eye contact is not only comforting to your children, but also offers a great photographic moment. The expression that you are able to capture from this point of view will also be more natural. 

one more thing...remember to be patient with them. They're little :)

For more beautiful photography, visit Erin at http://www.splendorphotoblog.net/ and tell her a "crafty girl" sent you :) 

All accessories in this post available for purchase from Crafty Texas Girls here.
All photos were taken by Splendor Photography.


  1. Love them all...great pics! Thanks for the tips.

    Are you entered for my Love Banner GIVEAWAY? Spread the word!! :)

    Have a fabulous day.

  2. found your blog via "Network Bloggers" with facebook =)

    Love the photos and the tips!! Thanks!!


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