Girl Elf on the Shelf

*Warning "Elf on the Shelf" secrets exposed, don't read this post in front of your kiddos :) 

Do you 'do' the Elf on the Shelf?  
Right now my Pinterest and Facebook feed are covered with creative ideas for causing Elf mischief around your home.  Some of the ideas are pretty cute.

While others just look like a lot of work! 

I thought this guy was supposed to be encouraging good behavior!
Well last year in our house, that little red elf was not welcome.  For some reason his frozen smile and pointy limbs caused terror. My oldest was afraid he was going to come into her room at night. We had rules that he wasn't allowed to climb the stairs! Finally it got so miserable, that I 'sent' him back to the North Pole.  

This year, she has requested over and over again that Santa send a new Elf. A girl Elf. 

So I did what any good mother would do. I cut off our Elf's head! 

And made a new Girl Elf for my girly-girls. No pattern, just lots of red felt, cutting, and glue.
I re-used almost all of "Fred's" old parts.

"Upcycling" at its best-----Poor Fred! This was all that was left of him.

I am not so sure what she will think of this new Girl Elf. Fingers crossed ;)  
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  1. That is hilarious!! I am trying to find an Elf on the Shelf. I really want to do this with my kids this year. It looks like such fun!

  2. Ok... Yours is my favorite elf on a shelf post! My daughter sent one off this week to a friends daughter as she too thought the other kind was creepy so she made her own. I'll have to do a post, she hand stitched it all, even the face. Maybe a better line with the elf on a shelf would be don't be naughty like me!


  3. Love this!! My oldest has taunted his sisters by touching the elf this morning (the elf could lose his magic). This will be a perfect way to show that the elf has gone "rogue".

  4. Very cute! I did not do this with my daughter they did not have this at that time.She is 13 now.

  5. Great idea! She is so cute! We adopted our elf, Steve this year. The kids were are little scared, but they have warmed up. What is the new name?


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