Rooster Feathers

In keeping with Easter-- chicks, hens and eggs of all kind have been on my mind. Lately I have noticed that roosters are moving up in the world.  From their humble beginnings as early risers on the farm, they quickly made their way to "French Country" kitchens everywhere.

Their fancy feathers have been included in decor- tucked into floral arrangements and twirled around to make wreaths.

Found here

So I shouldn't have surprised when my sister showed up at my door with them in her hair.

I guess I am out of the loop, because apparently rooster feather hair extensions are everywhere. Steven Tyler!? That's what I get for skipping American Idol. I completely miss out on a huge trend.

The rooster feather extensions are attached to the hair. Apparently you can wash, dry and heat style them. Now that I know about 'em, I am seeing rooster feathers everywhere on everyone. Even the dogs are getting in on it.

So of course you know what I am thinking- this has to be a craft. Here's a quick how-to "make your own rooster feather hair extensions". 

Source: etsy.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Get crafty! Line a clip or barrette with ribbon. Then glue some long, thin strips of an old t-shirt or twine to the clip- this will be your base.

Add some feathers. Voila-- "Rooster Chic" extensions without a trip to the salon!

To place it in your hair, make a small braid under your layers. Clip your feather extension to the top of the braid so it won't slide down.

A great craft for everyone- even Steven Tyler :)

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