Resurrection Eggs: A Free Printable Craft

I have a few new things around the house for the Easter season.
Eggs from Hobby Lobby

A "vintage" bunny from Home Goods

Little trees from Target's "Dollar Spot" nested in glass containers

More speckled eggs

A glittery Home Goods bunny

I love all of our new sparkly bunnies and eggs.  But, I want my girls to know Easter is more than jelly beans and chocolate rabbits!

At MOPS last week, some of the moms presented ways to share the Easter story with young children.

One idea that I really loved was the "Resurrection Eggs". Basically you fill Easter eggs with small symbols that represent parts of the Easter story. There are many versions of this project (I actually have one that I bought a few years ago) but I think this particular way is perfect for preschoolers. 

Here is what you need:
- 7 plastic eggs, numbered 1-7 with a sharpie
- paper and pen to write the bible verses
-mini crackers
-silk flowers
-tiny crosses
-white cloth
-stone (or picture of a stone if you think your kiddo might stick a rock in their mouth!)
-cinnamon stick

-OR just buy the eggs and use this free printable document to create the bible verses and clip art images to put inside the eggs.

  Number your eggs. I like the final egg to be metallic, you'll see why.

1. The CRACKER represents the LAST SUPPER. Read Mark 14:22

2. The FLOWERS represent the GARDEN of Getshsemane.
Read Matthew 26: 17-19 or Mark 14: 32-42

3. These two STICKS represent the CROSS on which Jesus was hung. Read John 19: 17-18

4. The WHITE CLOTH represents the BURIAL CLOTH of Jesus. Read Matthew 27:57-60

5. The CINNAMON STICKS represent the BURIAL SPICES used to anoint the body of Jesus.
Read Mark 16:1

6. This STONE represents the STONE that sealed the tomb. Read Matthew 27: 59-60

 7. Surprise! The EMPTY EGG represents the empty tomb. Say ALLELUIA- HE has RISEN!
Read Matthew 16: 4-6

 I am going to bring our "Resurrection Eggs" bag out one week before Easter Sunday.  I want to create some mystery and excitement about the eggs, so we will only open one each day.  I think it will be a meaningful way to teach the story of Jesus. And I think my oldest daughter will be able to use the eggs to re-tell the story by herself.

You can collect your own items and then print the images and bible verses for free by clicking here.

A special thanks to MOPS at Whites Chapel for sharing the document and to Kathy Mills for creating the original! 

How are you planning to celebrate Easter in your home?


  1. Love this idea!! We have been reading books and the Bible, but this is something that will really sink in! Thank you!!!

  2. I love this! You're a wonderful Mom.

  3. My almost 3-year old and I are going to be making these eggs later in the week! Thank you for the shorter version of the story (7, rather than 12 eggs)! Also, we attend MOPS here in North Carolina!!!

  4. OMG!! Your resurrection eggs are the EXACT same pictures and scriptures that I shared with a MOPS memeber at my church! (except I have 9 eggs instead of 7) I created them to teach my Kindergarten Choir children about Christ's journey to the cross! Too many identical pictures to be a coincidence! What where are you and what church do you attend?

  5. PS Your printable document IS mine!! I have the

  6. Well now I know who to credit!! Kathy you are awesome. When the document was given to my at MOPS, I had no idea who the original crafty lady was that put it all together. Thank you for sharing your project with the WC MOPS group and all the Crafty Texas Girls readers!
    :) Samantha


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