Busy Around our House

Now that spring is here, things have suddenly become sooo busy!

Last weekend, I ran my first half marathon at the Dallas Rock N Roll. And being crafty girls, my friends and I even made matching tanks to run in :)

Then my sweet Afton turned 5 years old! Can you believe it?

So with a milestone like that-- a party and party crafts had to be planned! My princess chose "Rapunzel" as her party theme.

 We've spent this week working on decor, favors, and activities for the big event. I am super excited about all the fun things we have planned. The big 5th party is this afternoon- I'll show you how everything turned out in a post next week.

 Have a great weekend! Hope your busy schedule allows a little time for crafting too :)

Rapunzel party photos via Samantha on Pinterest. 

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