Chevron Love

I am seeing Chevron stripes everywhere! It started with the Nate Berkus rug and then I noticed my Pinterest boards were full of the zigzags.

But when I saw them on a firetruck in the Walmart parking lot- I knew it was time for a post!

Chevron is defined as:
1. A badge or insignia consisting of stripes meeting at an angle, worn on the sleeve of a military or police uniform to indicate rank, merit, or length of service.
2. Heraldry A device shaped like an inverted V.
3. A V-shaped pattern, especially a kind of fret used in architecture.

Source: etsy.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Although they can be traced back to art from the ancient Greeks, Chevron stripes have recently become the darlings of home decor. 

You can even wear it!

Found here

Want a little Chevron in your life? Try a pillow, lamp shade or table runner. 
Source: etsy.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Or make some Chevron stripes with a DIY project like this drop cloth/rug painted using freezer paper. Click here for a full tutorial on how to make your own.

Do you have any Chevron stripes in your life?
I think it's time to get them off my computer and into my home!

PS- Congrats to the new Royal Couple.

Let them eat cake :) 


  1. I love chevron! I want to attempt a canvas for over our bed!

  2. it's true! They're EVERYWHERE! I particularly like your example of the blue floral chairs ...because the chevron is in the white space. Almost hard to detect! Love it!


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