DIY Minion Costume

My little girl surprised us all by wanting to be a "Minion" from Despicable Me. This makes me laugh because she is such a 'princess-loving-girly-girl'. But when Maisy makes up her mind, you just go with it!

Here was inspiration for this costume. I tried to find one to buy, but the guy at Party City said "Minions are a real problem this year." What???! Turns out the manufacturer of Minion costumes didn't come through. So we ended up with another DIY costume project {Yay!!!}

This one is pretty easy. A minion is basically a yellow body in overalls. Add some goggles/glasses and voila! A minion is born. Maisy's overalls and shirt are from Target. (This costume is awesome because she will actually be able to wear it as 'regular' clothes after Halloween is over.)

The 'goggles' are actually 'geezer glasses' from the "Over the Hill" section at Party City. Then we added face paint and a construction hat- also from Party City.

Maisy wore this to her Fall Festival at preschool, it was a good dry run for the big day. I am hoping that on the 'real' Halloween she will let me paint her entire face yellow. Some little black gloves would also be cute. I could add a few black 'pipe cleaner' hairs poking out of the top of the hat. Oh and maybe she will actually keep all her accessories on, so people will know 'who' she is!

If not, that's ok. I've always got these pictures :) And she is happy as can be in her comfy overalls.

Halloween was a success! She let me paint her entire face yellow. I added some pipe cleaner hair to the hat too. Her 'goggles' broke, so we added these plastic glasses. Her look Minion-look was perfect. Although she ended up taking off the hat and glasses for trick-or-treating, I got some great "before" pics :)

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  1. How cute. Great thinking for the creation of that costume. I especially love that Maisy can wear the overalls and t-shirt after Halloween. Very resourceful and creative.


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