My Week {In Photos}

I probably take too many pictures, 
but there are worse habits right? :) 
The ease of my iphone camera coupled with Instagram make it so easy- how could I resist?! 

Sunday-"Sharpie Swim Suits" 
The end of 'Barbie Skinny Dipping' in our hot tub. Draw a suit on every doll-- especially Ken!

Monday- "The Day the Table Fell" 
A little accent table fell on her hand- broke a finger and split another finger open. We both cried a lot.

Tuesday- "Running for Boston"
Praying, praying, praying and wearing a race shirt to show support.

Wednesday- "Finished Pallet Art" 
Details and a pretty post coming soon:)

Thursday- "Big Prayers for a Little Town" 
A massive fertilizer plant explosion took the lives of many and destroyed homes and businesses in West.

Friday "Earth Day Hat" 
We made this out of newspaper, click here to make one too. 

Saturday "The Little Chevron Chair" 
More details about this chair I made for CASA coming soon too!

Yes I do take a picture (usually more!) everyday. Some are really interesting, some probably are not :) Are you a photo-junkie too? You can find me on Instagram @craftytexasgirl.

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  1. Love the sharpie swim suits!! Too funny! I was excited to see you're on Instagram too. I'm following you now. I'm chels70 on Instagram. I love how easy it is to post pics. I'm slowly becoming addicted to it. :)

  2. Sharpie swim suits= brilliant. I am tired of looking at Barbie nudity in my house!

  3. I don't want to be the negative one here, but I want to share my thoughts for a moment. The Sharpie Swimsuit has good intentions, but I can't help but think it looks like a black leather swimsuit and something very "racey". I am actually a little more disturbed by it than Barbie just being naked. Also, the "swimsuit" on the left is not at all modest. If we are teaching modesty to our children, I think we have to be careful or we will be sending the wrong message in our efforts. First of all, your daughters (and I have four) are going to have these similar parts at some point. I do not want to teach my children to be ashamed of those parts. I am thinking this might be a more effective thing if done with modest lines in the "swimsuit" and with white or pastel colored nail polish. The black just looks kind of S&M (and I am trying to be careful of my wording here). Overall, I think it is way more important to encourage appropriate play with Barbie. If you are afraid that your sons and daughters are going to see Barbie's boobs, it is okay to tell your children that Barbie is a woman and women have boobs for feeding their babies. Sometimes in trying to be modest we make something appear "dirty" when it is a God made body part. In effect we are contributing to the oversexualization of women's bodies. And besides that, women's boobs don't look like Barbie's in very many ways anyway. The intentions are good here. I know that. I grew up with Barbie. If you are going to let your girls play with dolls that look like women, then they are going to have to have boobs or they are going to look like they all had their boobs cut off.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I did these suits for fun on a Sunday afternoon- I I only had a black Sharpie available. And since my favorite swimsuits are black- it worked perfectly. The girls liked them and they work for us. Each to their own!
      :) Samantha

  4. I assure you my intentions are not meant to offend. I just wanted to share some thoughts to think on. I do not have the "right" answers and struggle to figure out what direction to go in on these issues. A while back a close friend of mine painted red nail polish swimsuits on her children's Barbie dolls. I pondered doing ours, but for me I felt it was not necessary. I still don't know if I made the right choice and likely won't ever know for certain. ;) If I in any way offended you I did not mean to. Sometimes I just type my thoughts to share and to "converse" to see what a the other person's thoughts are on my opinion of the topic. My first thought was that these swimsuits are genius, but I have been thinking on it about a year and I started to see it a little differently.

  5. Oh Samantha! I just love this darling idea-sharpie swimsuits! What a creative way to have barbie swim in style! Just wish they would start selling her with sharpies included!


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