Design has Gone to the Dogs

Things in our house have a changed a bit since February. After our big trip to Disney World with the girls, we decided to add another member to our family. Those of you following along via Instagram might have noticed her... Meet Coco "Puffs" Conner. She is a Jack Russell Terrier.

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We adopted her from my sorority sister who lives in Fort Worth. I was in NO way looking for a dog. We have had our Penny since college and I thought one dog was quite enough. But for some reason, when my friend posted on facebook that she had a little JRT puppy that needed a home, I was hooked. And after a series of emails, texts, and photos-- we decided that Coco would be part of our family. We arranged to pick her up after we returned from our trip. She was Afton's 'early birthday' present.

Everyone has fallen in love with her. She is the perfect playmate for the girls.

And a great little companion dog for me:)
Dog with a Blog
Now that we have a new dog, I am seeing dogs everywhere. Fashion, home decor, even design magazines. Isn't that funny how that happens? Something you scarcely notice, suddenly seems to be the latest trend once it becomes personal to you!

 From House Beautiful to BHG to Ballard Design--dogs are everywhere! I don't know what I like better, the dogs or the designs that accompany them.

Even Coco has aspirations of becoming a "Designer Dog".

Have you noticed the 'dogs in design' trend too or is just me?

See more "Dogs in Design" on my "Pet It: Dogs" Pinterest Board.

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  1. I love when animals are in photos they add so much character. I add my pup into my blog posts once and awhile myself. ;)

  2. I have so many photos with my dogs in them! They follow me everywhere so when I'm trying to get good photos for my blog, they frequently photo-bomb my efforts! Have fun with your puppy! Stock up on Nature's Miracle so your carpets don't suffer!

  3. I to have a Penny! She is my sweetheart! I love her so much I decided to name my blog after her
    Coco Puffs is adorable! Look forward to seeing more of her!


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