Decor Crush: 9 Nautical Ideas + A Winner

Sometimes inspiration sneaks up on you. You might just be minding your own business, browsing through Instagram when you see something that catches your eye. Then you pop on over to Pinterest and something else, something similar to the first look, makes you pause. Then you read the blog of a close friend, and you spot it again. That look, that style...

And that's when you realize you have a decor crush. Right now, mine is a bit nautical. Not the kind of nautical where there are anchors, pirates and oars everywhere-- like a really 'fun campy beach house'. The kind of nautical that I have a crush on is more like a beautiful neutral home with a sisal rug or a jute lamp. A clean design with a piece of coral tucked on a bookshelf or a mantle adorned with a drift wood mirror. When it's done in small doses, that kind of nautical decor is simply beautiful.

A Shell Chandelier

A Nautical Painting 
This is actually my sister Amanda's mantle--
her husband gave her that painting for their anniversary. Swoon!
A Drift Wood Mirror

Navy Stripes

A Bit of Jute Rope

Blue Geometric Print

A Sisal Rug

White Furniture

Navy Blue Paint

Do you have a 'decor crush' right now? What has been catching your eye? 

Keeping along with my 'Nautical Crush', want to know who won that adorably nautical seersucker swimsuit from Kelly's Kids with Jennifer Anderson?

Well I am happy to announce the winner is:
Leigh Dawson 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Special thanks to Jennifer Anderson for sponsoring Crafty Texas Girls!!

Have a great weekend my friends!

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  1. Love the inspiration!!! All favorites of mine! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for featuring my chandelier! I love nautical too! I am really into navy right now;)

  3. Love this inspiration! I love white and am embracing decorating with natural elements this season...they just make you feel "at home!"


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