Wrapping Up Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas? I can say (with some confidence) that we are as ready as we'll ever be! My girl is out of school and we have been busy painting ornaments, biking to the park, building gingerbread houses, and roaming through the Dallas Aquarium. It's been fun to operate without a "school schedule". 

Of course I still have a few last minute gifts to wrap. And I really want to bake a really good batch of sugar cookies. But overall, I am ready. Ready to relax with friends and family and
just bask in the glow of Christmas.

So before I head off to the kitchen, I wanted to share one last crafty tutorial. And because I know I am not the only one with a few presents that still need to get under the tree- I thought it would be fun to look at a few inspired ways to wrap those gifts.

 When it comes to wrapping, I like the idea of making the outside special. After all, you've spent a long time planning and shopping for the gift. Why not 'present' it in a beautiful way? And beautiful wrapping doesn't have to be expensive or overly time-consuming.
You can actually use what you have around the house.

So let's start with the bows- find some ribbon and get going! My favorite is a really good satin ribbon.
It looks beautiful when tied in an easy bow like this....

Or if you've got a bit more ribbon to work with, then try this... 

Measure out enough ribbon to make 4-5 loops, each one 6 inches long. 
Pinch the middle and tie it with a snippet of ribbon.

Then fan out the loops. And attach it to your gift!

Still needing a few more ideas? Look no farther than your kitchen or craft bin for supplies.

Brown Paper Bags and Lunch Sacks:

Use Scrapbook Paper to create a "Monogram":

Be eco-friendly, wrap in fabric or burlap:

Source: google.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Attach some Fancy Tape: 

Reuse that Newspaper: 

Source: google.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Don't buy gift tags, simply print them, for free, at home: 

Add something unexpected to the bow- candy, light bulbs, or even flowers

Source: google.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Any of these ideas are easy to create and won't cost much if anything at all.
I hope you are feeling motivated to tackle those gifts now! 

PS- If you are drooling over my leopard ribbon... well that came from Thirty Seven West
In fact all the beautiful used in my bow tutorials is from the amazing Thirty Seven West. 
The company creates gorgeous satin ribbon- which is key for a good bow on any craft. 
Thirty Seven West also offers personalized printed ribbon. 
I love having ribbon with our name on it. 

Personalized ribbon comes in handy for holiday gift giving. 
And throughout the year it adds a bit of luxury to hostess gifts, birthday treats, 
or even sweet Valentines.  
It looks great wrapped around a bottle of wine or a bouquet flowers! 
Stop by and check them out-- on facebook or at http://www.thirtysevenwest.com/
for coupon codes, great sales, and to see all that gorgeous ribbon.
Be sure to let them know a Crafty Girl sent you :)

Sharing my crafts here: Home Stories A to Z


  1. Oh how I love gift wrapping. :) I want my own gift wrapping room one day. Love all those pics!!

  2. Me too! It wouldn't even matter what was inside the box if came wrapped up so pretty!

  3. I love all of the wrapping ideas...especially the light bulb one...hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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