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Have the holiday crazies hit your home yet? Or did they arrive last month? Seems they set in earlier every year. Kinda like the Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby! At my house, things feel calm… until I glance at my calendar and my then add another person to my gift list. That’s when my eye starts to twitch and I realize I need to get off facebook and getting working!  In times like these, I like to remind myself something my Dad always said; “The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.”

So armed with that kernel of wisdom, I am going to do two things. The first one is easy; I am forcing myself to limit our family activities this holiday season. If I want to keep the focus on Christmas, then it is up to me to keep our obligations under control and make time to enjoy the real meaning of the season. Easier said than done, but Christmas only comes once a year and no one can enjoy it if ‘mom goes crazy’.

Second I am going to give meaningful gifts. Remember that long list I mentioned? Well in truth that list is long because it is filled with the names of people we love. People who play a significant role in our lives. Now some of them will be getting gift cards and such. I find that ‘handmade’ isn’t quite as fabulous to men! But I feel there is a need to make a few special gifts. Handmade gifts that are not only fun to make, but gifts that are also pretty simple too.

After scouring the blog world, I have compiled a few sweet, simple handmade gift ideas. The details for all of these projects can be found on my pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/craftytexasgirl/craft-it/

  1. Monogram Rug- Use fabric paint to personalize a rug or doormat.
  2. Colored Pencil Jewelry- Cut colored pencils up and string on a cord.
  3. Chunky Frame- Paint and layer frames for a unique look.
  4. Pincushion Teacup- No sew, perfect gift for the crafty type!

  1.  Burlap Memo Board- Using burlap and nail head- what’s not to love?!
  2. Pom Pom Necklace- Floral jewelry inspired by Anthropologie.
  3. Jewelry Hanger- Chicken wire and a chunky frame.
  4. Fancy Backpack- Dress up a bag with ruffles and a flower.

And if that isn’t enough inspiration for you, try your hand at a few of the projects I created and blogged about- these fun ideas are all featured over on one of my favorite online magazines:  SouthlakeMoms.

  1. T-Shirt Necklace- Upcycle your t-shirt to create a statement piece.
  2. Custom Art- Distress old wood and add a favorite quote.
  3. Funky Camera Strap: Fancy up your camera strap with some fabric.
  4. Headband Holder: Use an old oatmeal can to store headbands with flair.

Just remember, when Christmas is all said and done, the things your family will remember aren’t really even ‘things’.  Instead they will hold on to the moments spent together. So whether that time is spent relaxing at home or working on a project together- your children will treasure those memories for years to come.

This article originally appeared on SouthlakeMoms.com

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  1. I love giving hand made gifts! I am seriously cutting back my gift giving list this year though. Last year I was so overwhelmed with making gifts I didn't get many of them mailed out (still) and just felt like a nutcase with my lists. I find myself struggling with teaching my children the real meaning of the season and not wanting to disappoint them with fewer gifts.


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