Crafty How To: New Year's 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had several fun days full of family time and relaxation. The girls were thrilled with their gifts and I feel like we had some really great 'memory making moments'.

 Can you believe we are a week away from a new year? I feel like we just rang in 2000! And now we are onto 2012. Where does the time go?  How do you celebrate New Year's Eve? Do you dress up in your finest and stay out all night?

Or are you more like me and stay home with a few cheap party blowers and some yummy champagne?

I love the idea of a really special New Year's Eve. The clothes, the food, the promise of a new start...

I love it all!

This year we will undoubtedly stay home. Now that we have our sweet girls, some things are just best enjoyed under the comfort of our own roof. 

Source: google.com via Samantha on Pinterest

But that doesn't mean I can't celebrate! I've been daydreaming on Pinterest about having a little NYE soiree.

In fact, I even made a super simple "New Year" platter just in case some friends do show up at my door on December 31st.

Inspiration found here!

Want to add a bit of metallic shine to your home? It's the perfect addition for a New Year's party or just to help you through the lull of January. All you need is:

-a charger, plate or tray from a craft store
- contact paper
-spray paint
-acrylic sealer

 I cut out my chevron pattern through trial an error. What ended up working for me was cutting the contact paper into strips and then folding it like an accordian. This way when I cut, the angles were uniform. I repeated these steps 4 times. I peeled off the contact paper and stuck them as evenly as possible to the plate.

Then I took a little extra time to really press down the contact paper. You don't want any paint leaking under the paper. I spray painted and waited. Ideally, give yourself time for several coats and then let it sit to 'cure' to the plate for at least 24 hours. And when you peel it off... 

I finished the project with some acrylic sealer to keep the paint from chipping. I think this is a fun, inexpensive way to bring some sparkle to your New Year. Or you could do this on a red plate and fill it with Valentine cookies next month. As for me---well hopefully I will be using it as inspiration to host a little party like this...

What are you planning to do on NYE this year?

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  1. Ooh - you made that plate look fabulous! Anything to add a little glitz to a home, right?!

  2. Ok! Super cute plate!I would love if you linked up at my party this weekend!



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