Guest Post: Candy Covered Oreos

i'm mindy from creative juice
i was actually born in texas so i sort of feel at home here!
& i'm pretty sure i remember right that 
texas girls know how to party!
at creative juice that is what we do. 
party crafts, decorations, favors, 
printables, recipes, and more.
here are some of our recent parties

today i will be sharing a tutorial on
candy covered oreos
a free christmas printable
these are one of my favorite treats for any party.
you can make them ahead of time to match any theme/color

for this tutorial i was making them for our
snow fairy birthday party

you need
oreos, candy melts/chocolate chips, colored sugar,
and a candy mold [these are super cheap at any craft store]
{the sticks are optional for a stand up display}
melt candy
i used a wilton bag, but you can use a ziploc
head in microwave for 30 sec intervals at 50% power
knead bag inbetween intervals until melted
place thin layer of colored sugar in mold
{i only wanted the snowflake design}
and then a small amount of candy melt over sugar
let this sit for about 30 sec
add a little more candy melt
place oreo in mold and
GENTLY press down so that coating is just over the top
spread excess to cover back of cookie 
set in fridge for about 5 min or until candy is firm and cool
flip to counter and gently press to release

i hope you enjoy!
we also wanted to offer you a
FREE printable!
click HERE to download

happy etertaining
mindy starr 
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