Home Renovation- Part 3

Welcome back to part 3 of our Home Renovation! Today I am showing you the counters and back splash. (If you want to see how this all started, scroll to the bottom for links to all the other posts in this series.) When we originally started all this back in April we were just wanting to do the floors. But if you have ever remodeled, you know that it's like pulling a thread on a sweater. Once you fix one area, then your eye catches on something else that needs to be improved. It is a never-ending project! For our counters, we wanted to replace our Venetian Gold Granite with a beautiful quartz that looked like our favorite marble.

So here is what we started with. The previous owners put this in just before we bought our home 2008. They were great counters, but I wanted to lighten everything up. 

We met our fabricator at Omega Tile & Stone in Dallas to choose our new counters. We also found a similar quartz product, that was a bit thinner, for our guest bath and the girls' bathroom. After they came out and measured, the installer set a date to come out and put it all in.

The back splash was removed and the old counter tops were popped off. 

And then just like that, they put the new ones in. 

It's amazing what you can do with some glue right?! Lol. 

The girls were super impressed... 

Next up was the subway tile. One of the main areas we wanted to tile was this 'kick' area. We eat at our bar a lot and this spot is always covered in kick marks. No amount of 'touching up' can control it. So Jeff suggested we tile it. Boom!

I chose #115 Platinum for the grout color. 

 We got a new dishwasher too! There was some drama at this point, the counter guys never scheduled the plumber as we had agreed. So my pretty new kitchen was lacking water & the ability to use the dishwasher. And then they did not fully shut off the water upstairs when they installed the girls counter, so I came home to a floor upstairs. (I freaked out- just a bit.) 

But the show must go on! So a plumber came and after more drama (including me helping with the dishwasher installation because my arms/hands were small enough to fit in a very tight space) we got back on track. 

Because what is home remodel without some drama & flooding?! Any-who, the next part was about to begin. New lighting and new paint. Stay tuned! 

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