Home Renovation 2017 - Part 1

Happy First Day of May friends! What have we been up to? Well it all started on Easter Sunday. After the Easter bunny visited and we went to church, we came straight home and began moving all our furniture (fast & furious style) into the garage. Everything that touched the floors had to be moved as well as anything that we didn't want to get dusty. (Which is pretty much everything!) Why did we choose to spend our Easter Sunday doing this?? Because we are finally taking the plunge and doing another round of home renovation!

It all started a few months back when our neighbor got a new roof. The new roof was black and included new dark gutters. Jeff and I began thinking that a new roof and new gutters would be a great way to spruce up our curb appeal. (PS- you know you are a grown up when the idea of a new roof is exciting.) We contacted the roofer and made arrangements. Since the roofers would be pulling off all our old gutters, it seemed like a great time to paint the trim of our house. So we contacted our painter and set it up. Our exterior brick has some pinkish tones, so I decided to get rid of the beige trim and go with something that would pop more. I found the color on Houzz-- it is Benjamin Moore "Nightfall". Here is my inspiration photo.

And here is our before/after. Jeff built shutters for our garage windows too. I love the color of Nightfall- it is a dark charcoal. Not as harsh as a true black. I think it makes our home look more modern.








(excuse the mess- that's our dishwasher on the back patio!!) 



We were SO in love with the changes we saw on the outside of our home, we decided to make some changes inside too! My friend down the street was getting new wood floors. So, just for fun, we had her floor guy come down and give us a quote. Our floors are manufactured hardwoods, they are pretty but we were wanting wider planks and a different color. Unlike real hard woods, manufactured hard woods cannot be sanded down and re-stained. After talking to the floor guy, we were sold. We wrote a check and set the date.

Which brings us back to Easter Sunday. In order for our new floors to be put in, we had to move everything out. Easter Sunday was not a day of rest in our house! Luckily, the girls thought it was all quite fun. The new floors would take about 4 days to install. So we went to stay at my Dad's house to avoid all the dust and commotion.

When it was all said and done, we moved back in. And instantly fell in love. The new wood is beautiful! We went with the 5inch white oak planks.

The new wood needed about a week to settle in and acclimate to the temperature/humidity of our home. So we were able live in our house again while the wood made itself 'at home'. We only brought in the bare necessities from our garage since the floors weren't yet finished. A mattress, a few bar stools, an old couch, and the fridge.

The fridge is crammed in the laundry room, I still had access to my washer/dryer, but the dishwasher had to stay outside. But hey- I am modern woman! I can make it work. I was able to cook, hand wash all the dishes and do some laundry. All was fine....

Until our dryer stopped working for about a 5 days. And our A/C seemed to be having trouble. But it was all fine. I was air drying all the clothes-- even undies. And the weather has been nice, so it wasn't that warm in our house. All fine.

We had a repair man out to work on our dryer. He ordered us some new parts and said he would be back in a few days to fix the dryer. So I kept washing and air drying. BUT then he came back and said that our dryer was actually fine, we had an electrical problem that was causing the dryer not to heat. We made a call. Our electricity provider came out and said all was good on their end-- BUT we had a busted breaker. And then we lost all power in our kitchen and laundry room as well as our A/C units. Suddenly, things were starting to seem less than fine.

We made another call. Milestone Electric came out and confirmed -- our entire breaker had been blown due to a 'major electrical event'. He said that in our area there is so much new construction and so many people 'on the grid'- that storm surges are causing huge power surges. Which is what happened to us. Soooooo many $$$$$$$$$ later- we have a new breaker, surge protectors, and a lightning rod. Yay for us!

But now we are all fine and back on track. The floor staining is set to start this week. We have also decided to put in new counter tops in the kitchen as well as a new back splash. (I will do a separate post on this because I am so excited about the quartz we have chosen!). We figured since we are in this deep, might as well go all the way!

Once the floors are done we will be getting new baseboards and some fresh paint on the walls too.

So that is what we have been up to. Lots of fun changes. Home renovation is kind of like pulling a thread on a sweater. Once you improve one area- then another area starts to look like it might need a little 'love' too. It is an exciting process. But as anyone who has ever done it knows-- it's always filled with unexpected expenses along the way!

Have a great week!

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