Home Renovation 2017-Part 2

Hello friends! I feel like it has been forever. Between the house renovation and the ending of school, I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water. Fortunately, I was 'drowning' in all things good. They just didn't leave my any time to sit down and write. But thankfully, my world is getting back to normal, so I wanted to give you a house update! Because a lot has been happening.

If you are just joining us, you can see where we started with my post Home Renovation 2017-Part1. So picking right up from where I left off, we were preparing to move out of our house again - this time so the floors could be stained and finished.

The girls loved 'camping' out in our house in between the floor installation & the floor staining.
They got to eat on the couch and run around like crazy since all our furniture was still in the garage. 
Choosing the stain was a big deal. I have a million pics saved on Pinterest of wood floors. Edwin, my floor guru, let me send them all to him. He was determined to 'see what I saw' so that he could come up with the perfect stain for us. We narrowed it down to three options. I met Edwin at my house and he put all three choices on the floor.

#1 Weathered Oak heavy, so saturating the wood with a lot of the stain. 

#2 Weather Oak light, so just a light coating of this stain.

 #3 Natural, so just leaving the floors as is and then sealing them with a clear coat.

I chose my favorite and then I had to leave to take the girls to dance/cheer. Jeff then went over and chose his favorite. Then we texted each other, at the same time, our 'winner'! (Which was fun!) And luckily- we chose the same color. Choice #2- Weathered Oak, a light coating.

I let Edwin know and his crew got to work the next day.  This part took the longest because it had to dry completely before we could step on it. And we are NOT very patient people! Lol.

 But once it was done- wow!

Next up- the counters & backsplash. Stay tuned!

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