34 and a Renovated Bathroom

Friday was my birthday. I turned 34. So far, so good. Feels just like 33 ;)

And just as exciting as a birthday... we are remodeling our master bathroom. Over the past few years, we have done the girls bathroom and our guest bath. Now it's finally the master's turn. 

The project has been going on about 2 weeks. Our 'guys'  have been here every morning at 8:30, ready to work. There is dust everywhere and our dogs are going crazy being cooped up in the laundry room all day. But it is so exciting to watch the transformation. We are changing everything except the actual cabinets. Although those might get repainted. 

Here is our 'tile pallet'. The floors will have the large marble, the shower walls are white subway tile with pewter grout, and the shower floor is the marble hexagons. The counter tops (not shown) will be a white with black & grey speckles granite. All the fixtures are oil rubbed bronze. 

And here are some 'in progress' photos. I will do a nice 'before/after' post with all names/sources for the materials when it's all done. Until then, this is what I've got...

The tile will run all the way into our closet. 

And this where the new tub will sit. 

She is currently in the garage, waiting patiently for her spot to be ready.

With fancy feet like those, I think a chandelier might be required too ;) 

Stay tuned! 

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