I Am Not an Interior Designer

I am not a decorator or an interior designer. Like many of you, I am someone who just likes pretty things. On this blog, I hope to inspire by sharing ideas for creating a beautiful, cozy place that you will be proud to call home.

To be honest, I didn't always feel confident about my taste and my decor. But over the years and after some "research", I feel better about my style. I know what I like and what I don't. My ideas and inspiration come from my favorite catalogs, magazines, Pinterest, and interesting things that I find while shopping. I try not to worry about what is on trend or what a 'pro' would think. Sometimes I will see something that just catches my eye-- bold prints, bright colors, metallics and I go with it. Some things just feel right and that is what style really is.

Recently I was in the mood to thrift. The dreary January weather had me feeling down and I needed some retail therapy. I was looking for something to make my home feel more cozy. And after thumbing through my favorite catalogs, I didn't see quite what I was looking for. I mean as pretty as those pictures in the catalogs are, you can't get that cozy feeling by replicating a professoinally staged photo. That cozy home feeling comes from mixing and layering both old and new pieces. It comes from finding things that make you happy deep down in your "pseudo-decorator gut"!

On that thrifting trip, I ran across this opulent mirror, for $29. I wasn't even looking for a mirror-- but this guy must have been looking for me. He inspired me to rearrange my shelf accessories. (Decorating is like a pulling a string on a sweater, a little tug and it all comes undone.)

This is from HomeGoods- I thought I wanted a pillow with a turquoise print. But the warm gold tones on this pillow called my name. And when I brought it home, I found it was a nice contrast to the cool neutrals in my family room.

In our bedroom, I changed out those ruffled lampshades that I made a few years ago {HERE}. The new black lampshades make the room feel a bit more sultry :) I pulled out these turquiose throw pillows from my stash. At one time they lived on my couch, then in the playroom, and then a closet. Now it's their turn on my bed. (I love to shop my house.) I like how they look with the black and white pillows and the tones compliment my thrifted blue chair {HERE}.

Are you a 'pseudo-decorator' too? How do you make your home feel cozy?

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