The Blue Chair

I think it was meant to be. Remember when I told you about 'the blue chair'? The one from Goodwill that was sooo amazing...

Photo via Apartment Therapy
Well I went back to Goodwill a few days later, looking for some 'vintage' tablecloths and guess who was still there?! The blue chair. I felt like he was waiting for me.

So for $30 I left Goodwill with yet another "furniture rescue" and drove home with a smile on my face.  I told my husband not to look until I had a chance to freshen him (this chair is a definitely a  "him" don't you think?!) up a bit. He needed to be dusted off and vacuumed. I decided to paint his wooden legs brown too. And then there was the issue of the wax. I wish had taken a photo of this part, but I was trying to work fast :)

There were wax drippings across the arm of the chair. So after a quick google search, I found you can easily remove wax from velvet. I set my iron on warm, and put a folded piece of paper towel between the iron and the chair. The heat from the iron melted the wax and the paper towel absorbed the melted wax. I was amazed, it actually worked! (See the full instructions for removing wax from velvet here.)
Once I had him fixed up, I knew right where he needed to go.

I love the color in our bedroom. The 'blue' looks different shades throughout the day, depending on the amount of light in the room. Then I stumbled upon this rug at TJ Maxx. The green, ivory, black and blue hues are perfect for the room.

I rearranged the accessories on our night tables and found a blue pillow from Target for the striped chair.

This room is a good example that decorating takes a long time! I have been trying to get this project done since January of 2011. In fact it made my resolution list for 2011

 Now it is April of 2012 and I am still working! Getting a room just right takes time. It started with the ruffled lamp shades, then I added the drapes from Ikea, we had plantation shutters installed, the 'side of the road' wingback and window cushion were reupholstered, and finally the blue chair and the rug are here. I think our room is 'done'.

The blue chair was definitely meant to come home with me :)
Do you have any projects that 'never seem to end'?

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