Spring Painting

Despite a very mild winter in North Texas, when Spring arrives the yard always needs a bit more attention. And lucky for me, my husband is happy to do it! I am amazed at his ability to prune, tend, cut, plant, and grow. He definitely has the green thumb in our family. So over the past few weeks, he has gotten our yard into shape.

 Our side yard is the girls' play area. It consists of a good cypress shade tree, thick grass, a turtle sandbox, and the play house.  The area is gated off from the pool, so it is a great place for the girls to play while I fuss around in the kitchen or fold a load of laundry. With a pair of Adirondack chairs, it also makes the perfect place to relax and soak up some sun.

  The girls favorite thing about the area is of course the play house. It was a birthday present for Afton when she turned 2. And since then they have imagined it to be everything from a castle, to a restaurant with a drive-thru window, to an 'animal hospital', to a very important office building. Most recently it was a 'camp lodge' :) But the weather had taken a toll on the wood and parts of the house began to rot. The little benches on the porch weren't fit for sitting anymore, the mail box literally fell off, and the door split in two pieces. Faced with the decision to buy a new house or fix up the existing one, we chose the later.

Jeff went through and added new wood and nails where they were needed. And then the girls and I got to pick out new paint. This time we decided to go with a 'cottage in the woods' feel. Which to my girls means pink and purple.

 I even found this adorable printed duck cloth at Hobby Lobby- owls in trees- to use for new curtains.

And Afton and Jeff worked to build this new bird house, which was spray painted--pink! 

The newly 'refurbished' house stands proudly to welcome in Spring.

What projects have you (or your hubby) been inspired to do now that Spring is here?

**Easter is almost here. Needing a few ideas?  

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  1. The play house looks gorgeous! My girls would love something like that but would only get damaged in our mud pit of a garden in Winter. Love the bird feeder too - I think ours would do with a lick of paint too. xxx Nat PS - that owl curtain is fab

  2. She's a lucky little girl with a nice Daddy! Love all the bright pink!
    (hope the tornadoes stay away from you)

  3. Cute, cute, cute!!! The playhouse looks so chic now and how lovely is the pink birdhouse?

  4. The new paint job on the playhouse is so cute and girly. We are doing some landscape renovation on our side yard in the back this spring - well my hero husband is doing that, I'm sewing a prom dress. The side yard is too wet and shady, so we're semi-hardscaping over there. Sneak peeks of both on my April 3rd post.

  5. When it doubt, paint it pink! Actually, when it comes to home decor- I would probably say black or white. But when it comes to my girls, they sure do love their pink. And my sweet husband just can't say no.

    The tornadoes did hit in the metroplex, but about 20 minutes away from my house. It was a very scary afternoon, but we are safe and sound. Thanks for asking about us :)


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