A Bit Obsessed with Weddings

It's that time of year again, Wedding season. I love it!

Last year, both my little sister and Jeff's little sister got married. One in June.

And one in December. They were both beautiful.

 Now that all of our siblings are happily married, I am finding new ways to get my wedding fix:) I have had the joy of making some custom pieces for flower girls and brides through my Etsy shop.

Can't you just imagine these accessories in the bride's pretty wedding hair...

Source: goo.gl via Samantha on Pinterest

Source: bit.ly via Samantha on Pinterest

And then of course, there is Pinterest. I'm not even planning a wedding, but I can't help but 'ooh and ahh' (and pin) some of these photos.  I just adore that the new "Vintage-DIY" trend in weddings. So many thoughtful details make the day feel even more personal.

What about you? Do you love weddings too? Are you going to any this season?

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  1. I like you am very obsessed with weddings! I had mine last July, and have been making and selling vintage bouquets in my etsy shop starting this year! Its my secret fix!

  2. I've done three weddings for my daughters and even though it was a lot of work it was SO much fun!I love all your creations!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  3. Thank you! I love both of your Etsy shops- it's fun finding so many creative people through blogging.

    Adding you both to my 'favorites' on Etsy!
    :) Samantha


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:) Samantha

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