Making a 'Case' for my Stairs

I feel like I have seen so many stairs on Pinterest lately.

Our own stair case has been a point of debate. The previous owners had it carpeted and they also had several indoor dogs. So you can imagine what time and pets do to stairs. 
We have had them cleaned so many times, but nothing seemed to help. 

 My husband wanted to re-carpet them, but I have been wanting hard woods. 
So for several years we have had lots of conversation about what to do. 

Finally we came to an agreement....the stairs got a make-over :)  The entire project took only 4 days. We found a local company that specializes in stairs. 
They ripped up the carpet, laid hard wood, and finished up with paint and stain. 

I love them!

Definitely worth the wait. 

What about you? Have you ever had to make 'case' for the decor in your home??
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