Painted Patio Furniture

The last piece of our patio 'make-over' was to spruce up the furniture.

I like our furniture and I didn't see anything on the market that I liked any better (for a reasonable price)-- so I decided it would be best to just to paint it. We invested in a paint sprayer. Which basically turns canned paint into spray paint. It makes painting really fun! Our wooden furniture usually needs a new coat each spring anyways, but this time we decided to opt for a slate gray instead of the traditional white.

Jeff painted the wrought iron table and chairs a pretty turquoise. (Poor guy had to do it twice! The first time was too green. Which is what happens when you look at paint chips via your iphone instead of in person!)

 Too Green
Luckily the paint sprayer made the 're-painting' bearable and Jeff didn't mind too much :) I love the new color- it is fun and bright. 

The only new furniture we bought were these adirondak chairs. We had brown plastic ones from a few years ago. We found them online from Ace Hardware. They came unfinished and in a box. Jeff assembled them, added some wood putty to the screw holes and then stained them. I love the look of the natural wood grain.

After all the furniture was painted, we added a few new pillows and voila!

We have been spending our evenings enjoying the glow of the chandelier and the over-all 'feel' of our spruced up space.

The our "Industrial Chic" backyard is done! Miss any of the posts/projects along the way?

School ended on Wednesday-- TGIS (Thank Goodness It's Summer!!!)

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  1. It looks great Samantha..."Ya'll" did such a great job. It is definitely ready for summer....Have a great one!!

  2. I did not know you had purchased a sprayer! Lucky! Everything looks totally amazing!

  3. Everything looks GORGEOUS!!! It is amazing what a little paint can do!

  4. Your yard is gorgeous, Samantha! I love the aqua table - so fun!!!

  5. Love the color on that table, thanks for the inspiration, my patio set really needs an update.

  6. Really nice makeover. I would love to paint my metal furniture the same color as yours but am really struggling finding a similar colored spray paint. Would you mind sharing the name and brand of the paint? Thank you!

  7. Hi Raeanna
    We bought a gallon of Valspar paint and then used a paint sprayer to turn it into 'spray paint'. If you are looking for a good spray paint, Rustoleum offers a ton of colors. :) Samantha

  8. What is the color you used for the green patio furniture? I just bought some very similar and I want to paint them that color. So cool looking!!!

  9. love your back yard ....and has inspired me

  10. Did you need to prep the metal furniture? We have some similar outdoor furniture, but it has rusty spots.


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