No Time for Crafting

Things have been a little different for us this week. My sweet mom has been in the hospital since Monday morning with a bad infection resulting from a surgery she had 3 weeks ago. It has been really scary to say the least. But it looks like the doctors have found the right course of treatment and she is improving. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers that she continues to recover and is discharged sometime this weekend.

Drawing Afton made of "Grammy" in the hospital. Notice Grammy is still smiling, despite her IV.
Artwork the girls made to cheer up the room. The swirly bottom left one is by Maisy- she calls it "Chicken Pox"

 I have been spending as much time as I can with my mom. Luckily we have family close by to help watch the girls.

And on a happy note, my sister Amanda is in town with my new nephew. (He's the one we threw the "Little Man" baby shower for a few months ago.) I just love him! Can you tell my girls adore having this little guy around?

And on another happy, happy note, look what my sister Becka sent out in the mail. Eeeeek! One more new baby will be joining our family soon--I am so excited for Becka and Josh! Isn't that the cutest 'baby on the way' announcement you've ever seen?

So, no time for crafting this week. But sometimes that's how it goes. Now I'm off to the hospital to visit my momma! Have a good weekend.

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  1. I'll be praying for your mom. Hope she is all better soon.

  2. Still praying for your mom! Glad she is getting better! Your little nephew is precious! How exciting about Becka!

  3. Prayers for s swift recovery for your mom! And congrats on the soon to be niece or nephew!!!

  4. Good Evening Samantha...My Mom has been in the hospital as well and just got out. It is NO FUN being all the way up here and not being able to be by her side. It's not fair that our parents have to get older...I hope your Mom is on her way to a speedy recovery and know your family will be in my thoughts....Crafting and Blogging can take a back seat when it comes to our family.....Have a great week!!!


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