Simple Ideas: Preserve Your Photos

Love to Take Photos? 
After our great vacation in Destin last week, I came home with 500 photos. Some on my iphone, some on my Canon Rebel, and a bunch of videos too. I love taking photos of my family and documenting our adventures. Maybe it is from my days on the high school newspaper, or maybe it runs in my blood. (You should see how many cameras my Dad has!) But whatever the reason, I love to capture our life on film. The only problem that can arise from digital photography, is what you do with those photos once you download them onto you computer?

Use Your Photos
Don't let those digital files find their final resting place on your hard drive! Preserve those photos with these simple ideas.

1. Print and Display
This one seems like a 'no brainer'...but how many great photos do you have on your computer or on a disk?! Schedule an hour this week and look through those pictures. Upload them to a great printer like "Mpix" and order some photos. Your photos don't have to be taken by a professional in order to make it into a frame. If you love a picture, it deserves to be displayed. Never underestimate the power of a black and white photo, use the editing options to turn a good color into an exceptional b&w print. 

2. Make a Book
Once a year, I take my family blog, upload it to "Blog 2 Print" and have it made into a coffee table book. You can do the same thing with your photos. No fancy computer programs needed. Sites like Mixbook offer easy 'drag and drop' options so you can quickly turn your photos into a great album. No cutting or gluing necessary, do it all with a click of the mouse. 
3. Create Art
You might remember our Father's Day photo of the girls on the driveway. When it came time to print those pictures, I originally started with a simple print to put in a frame. But some photos deserve to be art. So try my tutorial to make your own Canvas Wrapped Photos or use your favorite photo lab to create a Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

4. Think Beyond the 4x6
Coffee mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, or calendars. Photo labs offer so many different products that you can personalize with your photos. Yes, they are cheesy, but everyone needs at least one coffee mug with their kids' faces on it. Sites like Zazzle can even turn your pictures into iPhone covers- how cute is that?!
5. Make a Movie
After a big trip, like the beach or Disney, I always turn all those photos into a movie using "iMovie". The program came loaded on my MacBook and with some 'dragging and dropping', a great family movie is born. It takes a few hours, but I have to say, it is my favorite way to preserve our photos. I love incorporating all those photos, video clips and some good music in one place. Once the movie is made, I burn it to a cd and upload the movie to my YouTube account. It is a great way to share our trip with family and it lets me hold onto those memories of our girls forever. 
 What do you do with all your photos? 
Do you have any vacation photos that need to be preserved?

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 PS...More Photography Fun 
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  1. I have taken to making a disc for all trips, parties, etc...and use a photo frame..it's like plugging in a favorite movie!


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