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Can you believe summer is almost over? Where did the time go?! While browsing at a local thrift store, I found this- an antique school desk. It seemed the perfect piece to help me transition from summer to fall.

I had been searching for a great chair- something for my girls to sit in when they work with me in my craft room. But when I saw this desk, I knew this was better. I instantly imagined them drawing, painting, and even doing homework at this desk. The thrift store manager wanted $40, but I told him I only had $20 to spend. So for $20- this adorable desk came home with me.

I have been safe with some of my 're-do' projects. Choosing neutral colors that will stand the 'test of time'. But when I brought home this desk, I wanted it to be pink! A vintage school desk in pink and silver. Fun, fun, fun.

The weather in Texas has been HOT. We are on something like a 30 day streak of 100 degree weather. So one morning while Afton was at camp, Maisy braved the heat with me as I scrambled to paint the school desk before we both melted.

The project was pretty simple. First I spray painted the brown metal parts light pink. I taped off the wood with newspaper to keep the pink in its place.

Then I used "Rub and Buff" in antique silver to accent the details.

And finally I painted the wooden seat with a milk wash (white paint mixed with some water).  I had originally planned to leave it as is, but once I saw the pink and silver, I felt the wood needed to be freshened up a bit. I sanded the edges down once the paint dried.

I moved somethings around in my craft room to make space for the desk. And we all love it!

What projects are you working on in anticipation for the new school year?

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  1. That looks great !! I love the color !! Did you have any problems with spray painting in this Texas heat?

  2. LOVE it!!! Your craft room is so cute, but even cuter are the girls!!!

  3. I love it! What a great find and a fun makeover! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love this! Wish I could find one of these!

  5. Love the color choices! Very cute!

  6. This is fantastic! I inherited four of these desks (we homeschool) and I've thought about spray painting them, but have been too lazy. Thanks for the inspiration to break out the spray paint!

  7. I have ALWAYS wanted one of these! What a great deal!!

  8. So lovely!! It turned out just perfect!!

  9. So cute! Ironically, I just picked up an old school desk at a garage sale yesterday and have been chewing on some ideas on how to redo it. I love the pink on yours...so sweet! :)

  10. That is the cutest vintage school desk! You did an awesome job of redoing it! I found your link through Serenity Now! Thanks for sharing! I love how your girls have their own special craft spot:-)

  11. Thanks for all the desk love. Everyone needs a place to craft- even kids!

  12. I have a desk that looks very similar. Did you do anything to treat the rust spots before spray painting?

  13. Hi Megan- Nope, I just painted over the rust! It has held up great! :) Samantha


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