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I took my girl to see "The Wizard of Oz" last weekend. She loved it!

She and I even made a special dress to wear- Glinda is her favorite character.

 Wouldn't it be great to have a "Wizard of Oz" party?!

Source: etsy.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Dorothy's basket complete with a cookie Toto.

Ruby slipper cookies

Rainbow balloons

Wizard of Oz cake pops
Source: etsy.com via Samantha on Pinterest

The Wicked Witch of the East- cupcakes

Party favors- Dorothy boxes and Scarecrow buckets

Red slippers for the little girls

Let's just hope Afton is still a fan by the time her birthday rolls around again- because with all of these ideas, the party is basically planned! Plus, I am dying for these shoes :)

Doesn't it always come down to the shoes?
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this post! My b'day is in August. Oh, I mean my daughter's b'day is in October! Who wouldn't want to be dressed up like Glenda?

  2. Oh, what terrific inspiration! My daughter was a WOZ fan for years. She wore her Dorothy dress and rubby shoes to the Youth Theatre performance. She had a big WOZ Birthday party of course and several family members dressed as characters. I was Glenda and made my hat from an acetate sheet. I used an old 80's style prom dress for GW with giant bubble sleeves that I stuffed paper into to keep puffy. There was a lady back then who used to make the character dolls for a really cheap price, but they looked just like the Barbie WOZ collection. Each character had a station with an activity like face painting and rainbow t-shirts. We even made a yellow brick road for the floor and a large card board mural for a photo back drop. Luckily she was a fan for years and I was able to save many of the decor items for her WOZ bedroom. Sadly, she is going to be 17 this August. :( However, I showed her your post and of course she wants another WOZ themed party. Some things they just never outgrow. (BIG SMILE)

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  4. Oops! Sorry, I forgot to post my blog. It's new and still in the design process, but I've already started posting to it, like last weeks ruffle lamp. Thanks for your lovely comment.


  5. LOVE this post! Great ideas. We are having a convention and one night will have a Wizard of Oz theme.
    Thanks for the inspiration


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