Raising a Crafty Kid

As you may have guessed, we are pretty girly around here.

I made this hat for a client's birthday bash. But Afton and I had to a lot of fun trying it on. You know --checking to ensure quality and fit :)

My girls are good about that kind of thing. They know what's in store when I call out, "Hey can you come here for a minute?!" They smile and tilt their heads. My sweet little models/helpers.

But I hope I am teaching them to do more than just look cute. I want them to learn about the pride that comes from creativity.

Learning how to use a screwdriver, the power of a needle and thread, and what you can do with a mirror and some oven cleaner.

My blog name, Crafty Texas Girls, was created back when Afton was just 2 years old and Maisy was only a glimmer in my eye. My talented friend Jennifer and I got busy making hair accessories, paintings, cord covers, and tutus during nap time. She ended up finding her calling in home decor and interior design. But I decided to keep on working with hot glue. And I just couldn't part with the name.

 So I decided to keep it. Because "Crafty Texas Girls" still applies. The "Girls" part is just perfect for me-- and my little helpers.

What are your children learning to create? Mud pies, roly-poly nests, lego castles, doll clothes? Learning to look past what lies in plain sight, pushing the limits of imagination, getting hands dirty, being resourceful. There is value in teaching little ones to be 'crafty'. 

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