My New Favorite Show

I don't watch a ton of tv (if you don't include PBS kids, Disney movies, and Baby Signing Time.) But my dvr does record a few things just for me. One of which is The Nate Berkus Show.

Are you watching it too?! It is like all my favorite blogs rolled into a tv show. He really emphasizes creating a layered look in your home. Great design and unique decor comes over time. Homes that are appealing have personal items, character, and have taken years to decorate. (Who wants to live in a home ordered straight from a page in a catalog?!) Each segment features way to give your decor a custom look.  

Nate (yes--we are on a first name basis) covers everything from thrifting, great design tips, recipes, entertaining and more. Plus his hair kind of reminds me of Edward *sigh* .

Any......way, the show is worth recording. Here are a few the things that have kept me tuned in.

-Turn funky Goodwill trash into treasure with white spray paint. 

-Take a simple pillow and make it pop with hot glue and rick-rack. 


-Personalize your home with fabric paint and a stencil. 
This would also be cute on a pillow.

-Find great party decor at the Dollar Store! 
I love this idea, using crepe paper to create a basket weave design for the tables. 

- And of course, lots of gorgeous homes...

All photos in this post found at Nate Berkus

 So what are you watching? Where are you finding inspiration? 


  1. I love Nate Berkus! He's the best!
    I've already seen some of people of the blogs I follow on his show. I was so happy for them!
    Too bad he's not interested in women, he would make the best husband! Just imagine...a husband who loves to shop, decorate, etc. I'll keep dreaming - even though I adore my hubby!

  2. I love Nate Berkus too! Love your ideas and blog. Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!


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