Easter Ideas

Not quite April, but around my house- it is time for Easter fun! Here are a few of my favorites from around the blogging world.

Bunny Cake Pops-
I wonder if the Easter Bunny delivers these? 

Found here

Sweet and Savory Bunny Mix (fritos, popcorn and white chocolate!!!)-
This would be perfect for a class Easter party.
Found here
Printable Party Circles-
Dress up those cupcakes!

Found here

Ribbon Wreath-
Surely I have enough ribbon laying around to create this...
Found here
Easter Egg Candle Sticks-
You can find these cute eggs at Hobby Lobby this week for 50% off.
Found here
Egg Carrots-
Martha is so stinkin' creative!
Found here

My girls were quite excited to pull our Easter egg collection out of the hall closet.
Have you added a little "Easter cheer" to your home yet?

PS... Order your made-to-match Easter bows now!!! 
Average wait-time on custom orders is currently 10 days.


  1. Great ideas! I have no Easter decor so I needed this post! Thanks!

  2. I want you to know that this post is also on this website: http://aneanetok.blogspot.com/2011/03/easter-ideas.html
    This person is copying and pasting everyone's posts onto their website. I have found many, many of my blog posts here! They go back a long way too! They may have many of yours also. Just wanted you to be aware of this.

  3. Hi Samantha!
    I love your blog! I'm totally going
    to make the "Sweet and Savory Bunny Mix" for my Easter Brunch. Wish I had some right now to munch on. It looks
    Kelli Girsch-www.buybabydeals.com


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