Quarantine Bikes

How are you all holding up? As quarantine continues we are finding we need 'less' rush and busy, and 'more' time for experiences. One thing that the girls and I have been loving is riding bikes. Both my girls have always had bikes, but between school and after school activities, we weren't using them very much. Now that the world has hit the 'pause button' on our schedule, we have had time to rediscover the joy that comes from simply being outside. Are you finding more time to be outside too? Thinking about getting a bike? Keep reading to find out more about our bikes, where we ride them, and how to get back to basics with your kids.

Beach Cruiser Bikes- They are cute, have comfy seats, and make you feel like you are on vacation! But be sure to find one that has gears! These bikes are tough to get up hills (even small ones) if you do not have the ability to change gears.

Afton's bike is the Schwinn Fairhaven. It was easy to assemble and is a great bike.

My bike is the Around the Block Cruiser from SixThreeZero. We ordered this bike directly from the retailer. Their bikes have been so popular during the quarantine, they have had to stop taking new orders until they can catch up on making bikes for the customers who have already paid!

Our bike baskets are from Amazon. The black metal basket can be taken off the bike easily and brought inside the grocery store for a quick 'bagless' market run. My Nantucket basket is more traditional and attaches with buckles.

Mountain Bikes- These are perfect for hitting a variety of terrain. On the sidewalk. on the trail, through grass or even in loose dirt- they do it all! We added pegs to the back wheels because she is hoping to learn a few tricks. The bike pegs are also from Amazon- click here for the link. 

Where to Ride- We are fortunate to live in an area with lots of sidewalks and parks. We have ridden to several parks. the grocery store, the pharmacy, my Dad's house and up to the school (the girls love riding through the empty parking lot). Since so many people are working from home, there haven't been many cars on the road. But even with fewer drivers, we are very careful. Lots of bike safety talks and helmets!


Back to Basics- As much as we miss our routine and school, it has been good for us to take on a slower pace. We have had more time for outdoor activities- like biking! And a chance for creative, unstructured play. Maisy has been riding bikes with neighborhood kids, which has been a great way to social distance and still get to socialize. Afton has created so much artwork- watercolor painting, sketching, jewelry, and more. My husband, who loves to cook, has gotten back in the kitchen. And I am writing again. It helps to find the silver lining during these strange times!

What outdoor activities is your family enjoying during the quarantine? What silver linings have you found in this 'new world'?

PS- Are you hitting up Amazon like crazy? Me too! Here are my favorite purchases since we have been home. 

1. Bike Baskets are the must-have accessory for quarantine. 
2. Who needs shoes when you can wear Fuzzy Slippers all day. 
3. Maisy has been using this Casio "Baby G" Watch to make sure she is home on time. 
4. I didn't know how much I needed this Exfoliating Face Scrub. 
5. These Copper Measuring Cups are beautiful and make a great gift. 
6. This Floating Pool Mat is my favorite way to lounge in the pool or lake. 

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