DIY Abstract Art (Using Tape, Paint & a Canvas)

My oldest daughter just turned 11 years old. She is at such a fun age, I know that it is hard to see our kids 'get big'. But every year with my girls is better than the last. It's amazing watching them grow and see their personalities develop. For Afton's birthday, she just wanted to have a few friends over for a movie, some painting and a sleepover. I LOVE this painting project because any skill level can do this successfully. It can be customized for any color scheme. And unlike a lot of 'diy paintings'- you will actually want to hang this in your house!

If you want to try this project, here is what you will need:
-Acrylic Paint
-Paint Brushes
-Masking Tape

I set up our 'art studio' in the garage. Before the girls arrived, I used long strips of tape to create shapes all over the canvases. I had a ton of blue painter's tape that I had planned on using. But it would not stick well to the canvas.

I think the texture of the canvas kept the painter's tape from sealing completely to the surface. Then I had to scramble to find tape that would work. (And of course I was doing this is all happening 30 minutes prior to the guests arriving!) SO I ended up using masking tape- which worked the best.

I also used black electrical tape and duct tape. The electrical tape worked well. And the duct tape was really wide, but very sticky. In a few spots the duct tape actually pulled off the surface of the canvas, but overall it worked. Bottom line, follow my advice- and use masking tape! 

The girls chose their canvas and paint colors. The each wanted to colors that would match their bedrooms. And then all they had to was paint! 

I had seen this LOVE idea on Pinterest, so I decided to give it a try myself. 

Since the tape was securely in place, the girls didn't have to worry about getting the paint perfectly inside the lines. 

We let them dry overnight. And in the morning, took off the tape. Voila!

It was a great party, and I know "year 11" is going to be a good one for my girl.

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