T-Shirt into a Swim Cover-up

For my Girls Night Out- Tie Dye Party I turned an over sized t-shirt into a cute swim cover-up with just a pair of sewing scissors.

Since we all love a good 't-shirt hack', I thought you might like to see how I did it :) 

1. I started with a size large basic white t-shirt. I used highlighter to mark my cut lines. Colored chalk is actually a better idea in case you make a mistake and need to redraw. Trust me. (The lines are dark in some of these pictures because I added lines in editing at  picmonkey.com so you could see them.)

2. Cut off the arms. 

3. Cut a 'v-neck' but only the front of the shirt, not all the way through. 

4. Now flip the shirt over. Draw the cut lines as shown. 

5. When you cut, only do so on the back. It will make long 'straps'. 

6. Cut off the collar in the back. 

7. Now cut the piece on the back in half, making two strips. 

8. Pull the front straps and the back straps to stretch out the cotton. The stretching rolls the raw edges of the shirt and makes the pieces a bit longer. Tie the front straps over each other each other to make a loose knot. 

9. Tie the front straps to the back straps. 

10. At this point, I tie dyed my shirt. You can see how to tie dye your shirt by clicking here. 

And here is how it looks on! 

Let me know if you try this t-shirt hack and how it turns out! 
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