Staff Appreciation Week 2015: Lego Theme

Staff Appreciation Week 2015 is in the books. It was my first time to serve as Hospitality Chair for the PTA and therefore my first time hosting this special week. I wanted to make it fun for the teacher and kids. I wanted it to be like a little party- kind of crafty and with a theme :)

This would be me :) 
So I used the idea from the Lego Movie "Everything is Awesome, Everything is Cool when you're part of the Team". Because our teachers are so awesome and our kids feel cool being part of the HES team. I posted last week about how I planned the week (you can read it here).

Today I am back to show you how it all turned out!

I made Lego signs and hung them around school to remind the kids and parents about Staff Appreciation Week. 
Before the week began, I collected donated gift cards from parents to make 'gift card goodie bags' for all the teachers and staff. We had enough donations to cover everyone from the office staff to each teacher. I was so pleased with the donations! The gift cards were in amounts ranging from $10-25. Then I assembled the goodie bags so that everyone won at least $25 worth of gift cards. I put the gift cards in plastic bags, then tied them with a ribbon and tag that I made on PicMonkey. 

On Monday morning, we kicked off Staff Appreciation Week on our school's morning show (it's a live tv broadcast run by the students with the help of the librarian and principal.) I spoke about what we had planned for the week and played a little bit of the "Everything is Awesome" song. (Because a theme song makes everything better!) 

Then Afton picked the names of that day's 'gift card goodie bag winners out of this giant Lego head (it is a pretzel barrel spray painted yellow!). After the show, she and a few friends delivered the goodie bags to the winning teachers. We did this every morning for the whole week. By the end of the week, everyone was a winner! 

Following 'the Lego themed plan for the week' (see here) the kids did a little something for their teachers each day. 

On Monday, it was draw your teacher like a Lego. 

So these cute little drawings are hanging up all over the school! 

On Tuesday, it was bring your teacher an AWESOME treat. (We gave our teacher dark chocolate covered almonds- but I didn't take a photo!) 

On Wednesday, the kids all wore yellow to look like 'Lego Friends'. I made masks for my daughter's class and so did a few other home room moms. Never miss a cute photo opportunity! Printable Lego masks found here. 

On Thursday, it was bring your teacher something from her favorite list. 

My friend Megan made these for her son's teachers. Mason jars filled with their favorite candy and a Target gift card. She is so creative! 

And on Friday, since it was also Field Day-- I purchased hats (funded by PTA) for each teacher to 
wear. I bagged each hat individually and added this tag with a ribbon. 

The kids all brought buttons or 'flare' to decorate their teacher's hat. How cute is Afton's teacher with her hat all decorated on field day?! 

Besides the daily 'gift card goodie bags' and special treats from students, we also treated the staff to an 'off campus lunch ' at Rio Mambo. Parent volunteers covered the classes during lunch time so the teachers could get a little break. It took over 40 volunteers- across the span of 3 days. (I used SignUp Genius to organize it all.) We served in the classrooms, lunch room and even the art room. It was fun getting to see the kids in their element. And it made us really, really appreciate what our teachers do every day!

All in all, it was a great week. I think the staff felt 'appreciated'. And I am so grateful for the parents who gave gifts and volunteered their time to make it all happen. 

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