Cinco de Mayo (Family Friendly)

Think Cinco de Mayo is just for college kids? Well it's not. You and your kids, and your friends, and your kids' friends, and even your husband can have fun celebrating!

We had some of our favorite family friends over for dinner on Saturday. And even though my husband thinks I am crazy, I wanted to have a 'theme' for our dinner :) :) Since it was May 2nd, I felt like we could go ahead and celebrate Cinco de Mayo. (And do a craft!!)

Our dinner menu was fajitas cooked on the Big Green Egg, quesedillas, taquitos, salad, chips, salsa and crock pot queso. I made a pitcher of lemonade for the kiddos and let them use my fancy glasses. We got a set of these beautiful margarita glasses as a wedding present and I never use them. I keep saving them for a 'real special' party. Well that waiting is over. I am using them. Now. And letting kids use them. (Yikes!)

My friend Kim brought the cutest cake -- she loves a good theme too :)

I went shopping at Hobby Lobby-- bought a few sombreros (they were only $2.99), a set of mustache photo props, and a package of colored tissue paper. Plus I got this cute fake cactus that I put in a terra cotta pot with some white rocks. (Because I kill real plants. Plastic plants are my 'go to'.)

I planned for the girls to make some tissue paper flowers. (The perfect kid-friendly Cinco de Mayo craft!) The girls loved having a project to work on together while they waited for dinner. They are old enough that they didn't really need much help. They whipped up a bunch of flowers in no-time.

Have you every made tissue paper flowers? They are pretty easy. I cut stacks of square tissue paper in multiple colors. Group together 5-10 sheets of paper. The bigger the paper, the bigger the flowers. I wanted our flower to be the perfect size for 'hair accessories' so our paper squares were about 7x7. 

Fold the paper accordion style. 

Then wrap a pipe cleaner around the center. This will hold the flower together and serve as 'the stem'. 

Starting in the center, pull up each layer. Gently 'squish' the paper together to make it round.

Repeat until all the paper layers have been pulled up. 

Use the flowers as a hair accessories, or group them together to make a bouquet. (The perfect center piece for a Cinco de Mayo dinner table.) 

Our family friendly Cinco de Mayo Party was so fun- the guys even played along. See... a theme really does make every gathering better! 

So go to the store and stock up on some chips, salsa, and tissue paper. It's time to celebrate! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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