Planning the Perfect Retreat

This weekend is the "Make Lemonade" Mother-Daughter Retreat at our church. Everything is coming together and on Friday evening at 6pm, the fun will begin. I am so proud of all the women who have poured their hearts into this weekend. It is amazing how light a load becomes when many hands are lifting.

The event is full of inspiring speakers, good food (catered by Celebrity) and built-in-bonding time with fun activities in between. I have 5 crafts planned for the weekend. Supplies are ready and samples/directions are done. Activity stations will be set up throughout the retreat for the Moms/Daughters. Here is a peek at what we will be making at the craft stations. A special thanks to my Afton who helped me with all of this. I wanted to do the samples with my 8 year old to make sure they were something that a 'real girl' and her mom would enjoy doing together. We photographed the steps to complete the crafts and made a simple "How-To" picture instructions for each station. All these crafts passed inspection and have Afton's approval :) Perfect!

We will have a photo booth at the event, so this little frame will be perfect for displaying the "Mother-Daughter" pics on the fridge after the weekend is over. 

Yesterday, we went up to church to film a short Q&A video that will run during the event. Afton is my performer- loves to be on stage or showing off :) So she was excited about being in the video. But as we sat down in the little sound room, under the bright lights with 3 film guys watching-- she got nervous. They took turns asking questions to us both like "What do you like to do with your mom/daughter for fun?" "What's something silly you do with your mom/daughter?" (Afton's answers were mostly about making crafts together- go figure!) But as the interview continued and the lights shone down on us, my little perfectionist melted in a puddle of tears as they asked "What is the most special thing about your mom?"...

 She recovered with a hug and some tissues. And after a few more questions we wrapped up and she left with a smile. I took the girls to lunch afterwards. I asked her why she cried during the video, she said "I just wish I could have known the questions before so I could have prepared. I didn't know the right thing to say."

And that kind of broke my heart because I know that feeling all too well. Wanting to say and do the right thing, wanting to have the perfect answer. It is a hard way to travel through life, wanting to do everything 'the right way'. Because no matter how hard you try, that level of 'perfect' is just always out of reach. Try as we might it is not attainable.

So my goal for this weekend retreat is not to have the perfect "Mother/Daughter" crafts. My goal is not for the event to go perfectly. My goal is have fun with my daughter, love on her, and laugh with her. My goal is to leave ideas of perfect at home, and just enjoy being together.

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