Clipboard for Art Display

Children's artwork is a double-edged sword. Sometimes you arrive at pickup and are handed a pile of construction paper filled with stickers, mounds of glue and a heavy dose of loose glitter. It is at those times you may find your self searching for the nearest 'recycling bin'. But more often than, your child's artwork is a precious expression of their artistic talent that you want to treasure for ever. The problem comes when that feeling of 'wanting to treasure it for ever' is multiplied by days, weeks, and months. In no time your fridge can be drowning in art work that neither you nor child can ever appreciate. Sound familiar?

I have gone through this same scenario twice and I keep experimenting with what works best for me. For my oldest, I put up a clothesline in her room and she hung her work there (see here). We also framed several pieces and created a gallery wall in our home office (see here).  But for my Maisy, I was ready for a new solution to the 'artwork problem'. Our church has a wall in the contemporary worship room that is lined with about 50 clipboards. Kids turn in their artwork to the church office and it is hung on display. Easy to see, easy to rotate, and that much children's artwork in one place is stunning.

Which inspired me to create a smaller version of this art installation in our playroom. I found these clipboards at Dollar Tree, you can also order them online (here) if you don't have a store near you. Then I hung them with a simple nail- and voila! An easy art display. The secret to keeping this look good is to treat is like an art wall. I don't let the girl take the clipboards or art off the wall. But if they want me to switch out a piece, they just tell me and I do it for them :) Keeps it looking nice and prevents the wall paint from getting marked or scratched up.

After hanging the clipboards, I restyled the gallery wall on the other side of Afton's room. I added a few more photos and that cardboard letter "C".

And then I worked on the bookshelves. I actually hung a few paintings of the girls in the back of the bookshelf, they make a bright back drop for the bookcase. All those trophies, medals, and ribbons the girls have collected from swim team, field day, soccer and cheerleading earned a shelf too. Sometimes those 'treasures' are hard to display, but by grouping them together I think they are more aesthetically pleasing!

One last thing about kids artwork... I can remember Afton bringing home SO much in preschool (like Maisy is now). But when she entered elementary school, that has slowed down to a trickle. So if your kiddo is at the age where creativity is making piles of art work, find a way to display and enjoy those pieces. Because one day, they won't come home anymore.

What do you do with your kids artwork? Save it in a folder? Hang it on the fridge? Frame it? Recycle it? (I have done this!! Just make sure you don't get caught! Lol) I would love to hear your ideas!

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