4 Tips for Hosting a Slumber Party

Last weekend we hosted our first sleepover to celebrate my girl's 8th birthday. Honestly, I wanted to talk my daughter out of it. I tried bribing her with "more friends can come if they don't spend the night" or "I will take you and a group of your friends to dinner and a movie". But she had her heart set on a sleepover, so that is what we did. And to my surprise, it was wonderful. The girls were well-behaved, funny and they stayed in bed from 10:30 pm-7am! Who knew a slumber party could be enjoyable for both kids and parents?!

Getting ready to host your own slumber party? Here are a few tips that made our night a success.

1. Check the guest list- We only had three girls come over, our party was 4 total. Everyone had previously been to our house for play dates, so they were comfortable with our home and our 'house rules'. Even numbers work best, that way no one gets 'left out'. And I personally think a smaller guest list leaves room for bigger fun.

2. Plan lots of activities- We had a laundry list of things to do. Now we didn't get to them all, but it was nice to know they were there just in case. We wrote the list on the chalkboard upstairs so the girls would know what to expect. (Eat pizza, jump on the trampoline, swim, cake, presents, make a bracelet, play games, paint nails, movie & popcorn.) I put out some simple craft supplies upstairs for the girls to use too-- paper, markers, stickers, beads and elastic thread.

3. Decorate with your guests in mind- In the past, I have done big fancy party tables downstairs with lots of treats. But since this was a slumber party in the game room, I kept all the decorations upstairs. The party colors matched the invites, pink, black and white. Using a hula hoop and streamers,  I made a 'chandelier' with tissue poms in the center. It transformed our play room into a special party room. I hung fabric over the toy shelf to create a 'photo' backdrop for the girls.

4. Simple is best- Yep it's true. Even with the hot tub, trampoline, crafts, food and nail painting--  the girls all said their favorite part of the party was lying on the floor in sleeping bags watching Frozen. Listening to their sweet voices singing along to the movie made my heart melt :)

I really enjoyed this party. Now that they are in second grade, these girls are all SO easy to have over. I loved getting to paint their nails and listen to their funny stories. Having kids is a chance to experience childhood all over again...

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