Lace Patch for Jeans (DIY)

I really like distressed jeans. My Dad always teases me and asks "Can't you afford pants that don't have holes in them?!" But the truth is, I like to buy them with a few holes :)

With distressed jeans comes great responsibility.  Holes are the knees are good:) Holes on the crotch or behind are not good :(
This is another pair of jeans in my 'distressed denim' collection. And....maybe this pair is ready for retirement.
With holey jeans- you gotta know 'when to say when'! 
My very favorite pair of distressed jeans had a great 'frayed' piece on my thigh. But after lots of washing, that became a hole. The hole was high up on my thigh and it made me feel a little exposed! So instead of getting rid of a perfectly great pair of jeans, I decided to patch them. When I think of patched jeans, I conjure up an image of a big rainbow or smiley face patch, you know, something a child of the 80's would proudly wear on the knees of their corduroy pants.

But the 80's are gone. So I decided to make my own patch, a more modern version :) I placed a piece of ivory lace over a denim patch (you can find denim patches at a craft store or even in the sewing department at Walmart). The lace is from my stash-- it came on a roll in the ribbon section at Hobby Lobby.

Instead of layering the patch on the top of my jeans, I placed it on the inside of my pants. This way, the lace and denim show through the hole. (Important: Don't just use lace! You need the denim patch behind it, otherwise your skin will show through!)

Here is the hole after I patched it. I cut down the patch and lace to fit.
It still leaves the jeans looking distressed, without the 'peep show' of my thigh! 
I used my sewing machine to straight stitch around the hole with white thread. I made sure the stitch went through both the lace, the patch, and the pants. Make sure everything is held in place so it will hold up to the washing machine.

And voila! My distressed jeans will live to see another day. This tutorial would be great for adults or kids. Think how cute a pair of little girl jeans would look with lace patches on the knees? The lace adds a vintage touch- don't you agree?

Are you a fan of distressed jeans? How many holes is too many?

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