Craft It: T-Shirt Hack (How to Cut up a Shirt)

Sometimes you need a 'life hack'--a technique that makes some aspect of your life easier or more efficient. You know like using bread clips to organize power cords or putting pancake batter in a ketchup bottle. 

And sometimes, you need a 't-shirt hack'. Like when you get a really big, boxy t-shirt from a race or you are handed a large plain t-shirt that you have to wear to all your child's sporting events. If you're looking for a 'life hack', you won't find it here. But if you're looking for a 't-shirt hack', then you are in luck!

I am helping with cheer again this year (coaching and sitting on the board for our local youth football association). Each game, the coaches wear 'spirit' shirts of some kind. Here is our shirt for this year. So Cute, but lacking a little flair :) So I 'hacked' it. Literally...

1. Gather a t-shirt, scissors, fabric paint
2. Cut off sleeves and neck
3. Fold the back of the shirt in half, cut three small slits. 
(Make sure not to cut through the front of the shirt! Only the back)
4. Add glitter paint to lettering (I used Tulip)
5. View of the front
6. View of the back 

Now, we are ready for football season. 

Have you ever 'hacked' a t-shirt? 

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  1. This turned out super cute! What a neat and fun idea!

  2. this is cute. we had VBS shirts that someone OVERhacked one year. wish I had a photo to share with you.one of those "what was she thinking" moments.

  3. The most I have ever done is cut the sleeves and add some bows. :) I love the t-shirt makeovers but every time I try it, it turns into barely hanging there clothes-oops!


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