The "Want To-Do" List

Happy Monday!!!!

Is is too early for multiple exclamation points? I am trying to motivate myself, some times exclamation points help :) 

The weather outside my window is dreary. I feel like jumping right back in bed and pulling the cover over my head.

I have a "To-Do" list that seems a mile long. And then I have a "Want To-Do" list that I probably won't have time for today.

Our weekend was filled with fun and I wish it could last a just bit longer.

How do you balance the ''have to" and "want to" lists in life?

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  1. Is that moving as in "moving to a new house" or "just getting up off of the ground moving"?

  2. Most days I do the "have toos" and my "want toos" just don't get done. But, on occasion I say screw it and ignore the "have toos" and just enjoy what I want! I think you have to do that occasionally or what's the point of it all. Right?!!!!!
    (I'm channeling your exclamation points!!)

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  3. How do I handle my "have to do's" any "want to do's"? I become paralyzed and end up taking a nap! :)

  4. I bought a calendar and making myself get things done on the days Mac is in school. I feel like if I don't schedule it my ADD kicks in and I end up at HomeGoods or Target and then the day is over!


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