Simple DIY Silhouettes

If you have been following my blog for a while, you might remember this project :) But since we are in the final shopping days for  Mom, I thought I would re-post it. The stores are be filled with everything from perfume to jewelry, but in my book, nothing tops a handmade gift. Even if you have to make it yourself!

With that being said, one of the best handmade gifts a mother can recieve this year has got to be a silhouette. Silhouettes are 'soooo in' right now. Surf the web or browse Pinterest, and you will find these vintage images are getting a modern make-over.

But without Photoshop or a degree in graphic design, these projects might look a bit intimidating at first. And yes-  I know people have been making silhouettes forever! But when I googled the process and read how to do it the ‘old fashioned way’, I was a bit perplexed. How do you get a child to hold-still that long?!

 So I decided to tackle the project in the way that made the most sense to me. No complicated editing. Just simple steps that will help you create a timeless piece of art. There are probably more efficient ways. But this worked for us.

 Here is what you will need:
-black card stock
-a pencil

 I had my girls sit still for a minute (turn on the tv to help!) and took a photo of their profile. Having a window or light source behind them seemed to help illuminate their little faces.

 Then I inserted the photos into a Word document and made each picture big enough to fill an 8.5 x11 document. I printed out the enlarged photos and then cut out each face.

And then I traced them on black card stock and cut those out.

To show them off, I decided to place them on a newspaper covered background. So I used mod podge to adhere the newsprint to a piece of cardboard. And then I used mod podge again to attach the silhouettes. I was happy with the finished framed project.  But I felt something was missing...

 So I added some hair bows :) Perfect.

Did you craft any special gifts this week? What are your plans for celebrating 'mom'? 
Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. I am so excited!!! I have tried the photoshop tutorials and have failed every time! I am going to do this! Thank you Samantha, you ROCK!

  2. I remember doing this in the 2nd grade..what a cool look on a wall!

  3. I think this is definitely the easiest way to make one. I need to do this for myself, since I don't think anyone is going to do it for me!! Happy Mother's Day Samantha.

  4. They look so good! I want to do this, and hang them in my family room.

  5. I love the bows you added! Too sweet! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower! Hope you have a great weekend!


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