Little Man Baby Shower

My sweet sister Amanda is having her first child next month. So to celebrate, we planned a "Little Man" baby shower.
My mom, sister, and Amanda's close friend Janie and I all worked together on this party. Lots of crafty and foodie helpers!

 Guests were greeted at the door with a choice of bow-ties to wear.

Handmade 'tie' garland with the words "Hello Little Man" was strung across the table. It was a fun twist on traditional bunting.

 The party was held at 2pm, so the menu was light and festive. Bow-tie pasta salad, bow tie 'tuxedo' strawberries, cupcakes, fruit salad, pita chips and humus. I made bow-tie short bread cookies too. 

Tucked among the mustache 'adorned' food were a series of "Bro-Tips". Things that every little man needs to know in life. One of my favorites was "Your jeans should never be tighter than your girlfriend's." Ha!

 Guests snacked, talked and took turns in our homemade photo booth. A variety of mustaches cut from black felt and attached to sticks. We used an old frame for the 'booth'. It was quite a hit!

A ribbon clothesline, complete with "Little Man" outfits hung across the room. A cute decor idea that doubles as a gift.

Guests were asked to fill out "Wishes for Baby"- these are such sweet keepsakes for the baby book. You can find the printable form here.

It was such a great, happy shower.

And Amanda received so many lovely gifts and was so touched by everyone who came to support her. Since the birth of my girls, she has been my own personal "Mary Poppins"- practically perfect in every way. I have appreciated the love and care she has always shown my girls. I can't wait to meet her little Wyatt.  I know she and Preston will be amazing parents.

 -Special thanks to Pinterest and Pizzazzerie- your creativity never ceases to inspire!!!
-I made a few "Little Man" party printables, you are welcome to use them for personal use
-Adorable Invites are from Delight Paperie on Etsy, click here to order yours. 
-Bro-tips can be found by clicking here
-Mini-bow ties, party garland, mustaches were all made by the hostesses- such a crafty bunch:)

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  1. How adorable!! Such a fun spin on a boys shower!! I will keep this in mind!!

    Another great party!!

  2. That was an adorable shower!! Amanda looks gorgeous, of course!!

  3. WOWSERS! That is the cutest baby shower ever! I love the frame photo booth. You are an awesome sister!

  4. What a sweet baby shower. Such a cute theme for a little boy.

    Are your names Amanda and Samantha? That's my name and my sister's too. Weird coincidence. However, my parents would always mess it up when they'd yell at us and say "Amantha" or "Samanda" or some combination of the two.

  5. Love the Wishes for Baby....that would be a great souvenir! Fun theme.


  6. Hi! Just found your blog. I live in Houston. Just wanted to let you know I linked to you on my new blog www.littlenarwhal.com . I think your site is great! Thanks.

  7. Thank you friends! Amanda was so happy with the shower- and you are right- the "wishes for baby" makes the sweetest keepsake.

  8. as a mom who has had three boys, this is amazing! the banner is my absolute favorite, but the bro tips are runner up! love creative, unique things like that.
    going to pin this and follow you. and thanks for your comment on . my a- z post! we can have a Totinos party pizza party! :)


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