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First of all, thank you my friends for all your sweet comments about my last post. Your support and kind words made my day. :) :)

Now, if you are a fan of home decor, then you either know and love, or will soon become fans of these sites. I find myself cruising through these about once a week now. So much beautiful inspiration:

 1. Houzz- It is like Pinterest for home decor, but even better. You can specifically search for a certain color or design style. And pop! A million gorgeous photos by designers, design magazines, and other contributors will magically appear. I used it recently to look for some 'turquoise ideas' for the playroom makeover. It was easier and faster to find exactly what I was looking for because of the way the site is organized.  Oh and there is an awesome free app too! (thanks Jaime for passing it along!)

Browse Window Treatments on Houzz- For Example:

 2. Hooked on Houses- Do you ever watch a movie or a tv show and wonder about the home? Take for example beautiful traditional home on "Modern Family"? Or the classic "Home Alone" house? Well you can take a peek inside these homes as well so many interesting others-- celebrity homes, amazing before and afters, and unique cottages. It's the perfect place to get your 'house fix' and find ideas for your home. (thanks Stephanie for sharing this site with me!)

The beach house from "Something's Gotta Give"- here

3. Apartment Therapy- I know what you're thinking, but this site is not just for 'apartment dwellers'. Their motto is actually "Saving the world, one room at a time". The site is filled with so many creative ideas for using space wisely and creating something unique. I love this post about updating a room "A Granny's Office goes Modern". 


 What about you? What sites have you found and loved recently?


  1. Neat! Especially Hooked on Homes. I've always wanted to see the Home Alone house,too. And it has the American Horror Story House...spooky! Thanks for sharing, Samantha!

  2. I knew about Houzz, but not the other sites. They're great! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love looking at houses- it's fun to 'see inside'! :) Samantha

  4. Thank you.. Now I will never be off the computer!!


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:) Samantha

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