Change of Heart

I've been trying all day to sit down and write a post. But one thing led to another and I just never got around to it. Now I am in the middle of folding laundry and watching a movie. So I'll keep this short.

 Did you have a good Valentine's Day? We had a little "pinterest" in our day. Starting with heart shaped cinnamon rolls. 
Original idea from here.
Lunch consisted of a heart shaped sandwich too. I spent some time with Afton at her Kindergarten party. I honestly think life doesn't get any better than Kindergarten. They had a little dance, complete with the waltz and some 'YMCA'. Then they returned to the room for a 'high tea party'. Her teacher is on pinterest, so the goodies were 'over the top' adorable :)

 For dinner we attempted the heart shaped biscuits, but honestly they didn't taste so good. Must have been the fact that I did bisquick instead of homemade. Or because we used it like 'playdough' before we baked them.
Sadly, not my biscuits! You can find these 'here'.

Today I was supposed to register Maisy for preschool. Fall registration begins early around here. But have to admit, I chickened out.

 For the past three months I have been absolutely sure she would go. Then last week, something changed. And just like that I was positively sure she would not be going to preschool yet. She's only two! Now that Afton is in elementary school, I see how fast the "sweet days at home" pass. I feel like it's best for us to hold off for another year.

 So we skipped registration and went on a run instead. Maisy ate her breakfast in the jogging stroller and sang to me while I trotted along. Then we played outside in the rain.

What did you do today? Did you change your mind (or your heart) about anything?

PS- Thank you to everyone who linked up to "Cowgirl Up!" this week. 
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